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Pointers for Purchasing Stud Cattle

Helpful information to keep in mind when purchasing Simmentaler stud cattle.

Technical advisors will render valuable assistance to potential buyers who seek advice at National bull sales and sales held under the rules of the breeders’ society. Don’t hesitate to seek their advice.

It is much easier to buy than to sell at a later stage. Before buying you must be sure of what, to whom and where you wish to sell later on.

Always insist on the certificate:

 Simmentaler stud cattle with a registration certificate have already passed inspection and meet the requirements of the breeders’ society;

 Simmentaler cattle with or without a birth certificate have not yet been inspected and could possibly be rejected in which case you have purchased a grade animal and

 a Simmentaler without a certificate has been rejected due to some or other defect, its parent/s has/have failed inspection or it is a grade animal.

The tattoo marks in the animal’s ear must correspond with the identification marks reflected on the certificate.

Ensure that the seller will forward the certificate(s) to the Society for transfer to your name ‐ you cannot register progeny if the animal is not on your name.

When purchasing a cow the reproduction record is of importance. Avoid purchasing cows without an official calving record.

When purchasing pregnant cows, the seller must furnish you with full details of the AI or service bull.

Should you prefer to start with established other lines you should purchase from established breeders. If you own grade cows they can be registered by means of inspection by a Technical Advisor.

Attendance of a Simmentaler training course is recommended, all members are notified of upcoming courses. The visually perceptible superior and inferior characteristics of stud animals are dealt with in detail.

The advice of breeders in your area is generally very valuable.

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