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Arla Simmentaler & Karla Brahman Stud in Namibia



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Meat Quality

Stud breeding started 1968 when Mr. HD van Biljon started with the well known Buschbrunn Simmentaler Stud.

Now more than 50 years later Silvia van Biljon, in 4th generation does the day to day management of the farm.

Farm Buschbrunnen boasts with the well known Arla Simmentaler, as well as Karla Brahman stud.

Currently the farming operation is diversified and entails the Simmentaler and Brahman Stud, Maize under pivot and dry land, Fire Wood  as well as Charcoal production.

You will find Farm Buschbrunnen in the Grootfontein District of Namibia, which is a semiarid region of varied grasses, shrubs and larg trees.

Karla Olympus 17-0240KA

Very well balanced bull. Strong topline; exceptionally strong hind-quarter.
Strong legs. Excellent growth EBV’s. 


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Karla Olympus 17-240KA
Arla Marki Simmetaler Cow



Arla Marki

Meet our 11 year old POLLED Simmentaler Cow Arla Marki. She has weaned 7 heifer and 2 bull calves till now and is still part of our herd. 

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Arla Lego VB1242

This Simmentaler Bull is currently used in our Arla Simmentaler herd as a Stud Bull.

Arla Lego boasts with an exceptional EMA score (Eye Muscle Area) as well as good Milk traits and growth. 

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Simmentaler Stud Bull